Astro Trivia Quiz for August!

TSS Quizzes, just for fun. Come and test your astronomy knowledge.
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Re: Astro Trivia Quiz for August!


Post by Gfamily »

Thanks Ray, that was really challenging, but good.

Looking forward to September's
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Re: Astro Trivia Quiz for August!


Post by KingNothing13 »

Wow - great job, Gabby.
-- Brett

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Re: Astro Trivia Quiz for August!


Post by bobharmony »

Very nice, Gabby. I think our scores were inverses of each other!

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Re: Astro Trivia Quiz for August!


Post by rocdoc »

Wow, awesome job, Gabby! This is fun, can't wait for the next one.
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Re: Astro Trivia Quiz for August!


Post by yobbo89 »

i only got this question right :lol:

Which of the following is the prototype of a class of variable stars that helps to calibrate distances to nearby galaxies?
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Re: Astro Trivia Quiz for August!


Post by BABOafrica »

Congratulations to Gabby. Almost perfect score on a difficult quiz.

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Re: Astro Trivia Quiz for August!


Post by kt4hx »

Nicely done Gabrielle. I just ran across this and scored 13/22. Oh well.....

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Re: Astro Trivia Quiz for August!


Post by helicon »

I only got 10/22 Alan!
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