Astro Trivia Quiz for June

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Astro Trivia Quiz for June


Post by Raymondhow »

Greetings excellent TSSers, another trivia quiz for you. Here’s the link:

For the short answer questions, spelling does not matter. Misspelled answers will have scores adjusted.

1. No online research allowed, your own pure brain only!
2. On multiple choice questions, feel free to guess. You may get lucky.
3. If you have a comment about a question, please do NOT give away the correct answer!
4. Please do not repeat the quiz, at least not until after I announce the Champs sometime next week.

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Re: Astro Trivia Quiz for June


Post by Gfamily »

Looks like I may have been one of the first.
Enjoyable quiz - 13/20, but that should increase to 15 (I added a space after a numerical answer, which wasn't recognised as correct).
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Re: Astro Trivia Quiz for June


Post by helicon »

I got 11/20. OK, seemed harder than last month's quiz.
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Re: Astro Trivia Quiz for June


Post by sdbodin »

OK, got 16/20 this time, passing score, I think, as opposed to the failure last month.

Lots of fun again,
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Re: Astro Trivia Quiz for June


Post by KingNothing13 »

I am really, REALLY bad at this :lol: not going to say what I got, as it is just embarrassing! :oops:
-- Brett

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Re: Astro Trivia Quiz for June


Post by pixelsaurus »

Obviously questions relating to things north of the equator are not my forte, even though I have lived in the USA. Oh well. 10/20.
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