Another APOD suggestion 28/11/2019

Give us your suggestions for a Photo of the Day!!!
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Another APOD suggestion 28/11/2019


Post by OzEclipse »

ANother one of Tom's is worthy of another gong!

"34 South: The Hilltops Observatory"
Central West NSW
Joe Cali

Bortle 1-2 skies, 148 E, 34 S

Amateur astronomer since 1978
Astronomical interests : astrophotography, visual observing, nightscape photography, solar eclipse chasing
asteroidal occultations, nightscape astrophotography workshops

web site :
Scopes: ATM 18" Dob, Vixen VC200L, ATM 6"f7, ED80, M70, Orion 102 Maksutov, ST80.
Mounts: Takahashi EM-200, iOptron iEQ45, Push dobsonian with Nexus DSC, three homemade EQ's.
Eyepieces: TV 31, 17, 12, 7 Naglers; D21, D14 Denkmeier’s; Pentax XW10, XW5, Unitron 40mm Kellner, Meade Or 25,12
Cameras : Pentax K1, K5, K01, K10D / VIDEO CAMS : TacosBD, Lihmsec.
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Re: Another APOD suggestion 28/11/2019


Post by Jockinireland »

Its a cracker alright!
Scope: Skywatcher Evostar 80ED (SW 0.85 FR/FF) on a SW NEQ6Pro
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Meade 8" LX200 GPS on wedge (Guided with a cheapo 50mm guidescope and a ZWO ASI 120mm mini)
Meade series 4000 f0.63 FF/FR
Camera: ASI2600MC pro. Canon EOS 1100D ( Ha modded), Canon EOS700D astro mod
Secondary mount: Skywatcher StarAdventurer
Various eyepieces
Vixen 7x42 binocs
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