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A 150 mm Achromat and a 120 mm Apo, a personal review.

Performance of and differences between a 150mm widefield achromat and a 120mm apochromat.

A personal review.

Apples and pears are both fruit. Comparisons between the two are normally not done. Different taste, shape and bite. Still, we do it all the time. Consumers...


102 mm Refractor versus 140 mm Maksutov; Vixen ED102 vs OMC140

102mm refractor versus 140mm Maksutov

Vixen ED102S vs. OMC140


Some years ago I bought an older Japanese Vixen ED 102 f / 9 refractor from the Nineties. Reason: I wanted to get rid of the long cooling time of my OMC Maksutov, but at least retain the image quality of the...


21 deepsky tips

A list of 21 deepsky tips that will make you a better observer

1. You have to make sure that the viewfinder and telescope are aligned with each other. But almost everyone will undoubtedly have done that already and we assume that. There are also amateurs who swear by a Red...


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