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A 150 mm Achromat and a 120 mm Apo, a personal review.

Performance of and differences between a 150mm widefield achromat and a 120mm apochromat.

A personal review.

Apples and pears are both fruit. Comparisons between the two are normally not done. Different taste, shape and bite. Still, we do it all the time. Consumers...


Chiribiquete - Ancestral Home to Jaguar Men

Image attribution: Carlos Castaño Uribe / CC BY-SA - Book Cover Photo: THP 2020

Translated Title: CHIRIBIQUETE Cosmic Home to the Jaguar Men

...

Baader 1.25" Classic Q-Eyepiece Set

Typically, I advise against buying EP kits. In most cases you don’t save much over buying individual EPs and end up using only a fraction of what is included. This set however is a happy exception. Not only does it provide a substantial savings over buying individual components, but they also...


Review of AWB Onesky

I have heard of these scopes for a few years and even had the opportunity to view the Ring Nebula through one at a star party a couple of years back. So I decided to buy one recently to add to my stable of scopes. At $199 you can't really go wrong.

First of all, the scope is sold...


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