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11-23-2021 TSS Visual Report of the Day.

by helicon

"Observing Report for 08 November 2021"

Sometimes comparing objects that you have observed to published photos can confirm impressions one has at the eyepiece. In KT4HX (Alan's) case, this ocurred with NGC 673 where a significant difference in brightness was noticed by him between the northern and southern portions of the galaxy. Photos show a bright patch of H II regions in the northern part of the object above the core. What this means is that Alan was able to detect these H II areas visually using his keen observational eye. Follow along as Alan continues his earlier exploration of Aries (which was awarded the VROD) and expands into Piscis Austrinis or the Southern Fish for an equally impressive haul of galaxies. Congratulations Alan on winning the VROD for this impressive feat of acuity!

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