About us

In April of 2019, a group of former moderators on another Astronomy Forum decided we needed to create a new forum as the old forum was no longer being maintained by the owner. We chose to create something that had most of the ‘feelings’ and features of the old forum but gave the TEAM the abilities to run the forum, pay the bills and make changes to the software so we could be sure things ran smoothly. We also added security features that were not included on the old forum so now we can keep our Members safe.

Much time was spent working on a test forum and discussing what we should keep or remove in the way of features. We feel we came up with a good plan and launched The Sky Searchers (aka) TSS.

TSS is not funded nor run by any corporations or companies, the hosting bills are paid from donations from the Team and the Members. The TEAM makes the decisions on the direction the forum needs to go based on input and requirements of our Members. We feel very strongly that this is the best direction to take.

We do have Vendors that from time to time will contribute to TSS by offering prizes to Members, however this is strictly by their choice and we are very grateful for this support of our Members.

Our Members are from all over the world, and in many cases English is not their primary language so we added a translator function to allow them to read the forum in their native language.

In addition we have a very diversified group of Members with a vast knowledge of all aspects of astronomy and astrophotography. Part of the philosophy of TSS is to help others as they are starting out. We think you will find our Members friendly and very helpful in giving advice on your astronomy journey.

Also to help keep you motivated TSS has a number of Challenges and Awards given out to Members for achievements in all areas of our hobby.

There have been over 200,000 posts from over 2000 Members in the four years we have been active. We hope to continue to draw in new Members by offering a welcoming, friendly, helpful, forum all can enjoy.

Thanks to all of our Members and the TEAM for keeping TSS the best.